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FMN - 2021/June, Seg 3 - The Human Element Behind Numbers

Executives are always under pressure, but there is nothing like the pressure they felt and still feel due to the pandemic. In the initial months they were faced with having to present to stakeholders short-term forecasts in order to make numbers talk about an unpredictable future. An impossible task, but they delivered. They had to evaluate their company's viability with several unknown elements and assumptions that could not have been based on historical results. There has been nothing comparable to a global pandemic in recent years. Since the pandemic, we keep talking about companies and the pressures they feel to perform and stay afloat. But we seldom talk about the executives themselves, the human element behind the numbers. Julie Kantor, business psychologist, founder of JP Kantor Consulting, reveals the importance of focusing on the human aspect.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the impact on employees when there is lack of transparency;
  • Determine stressors due to the pandemic and how they can be alleviated;
  • Recognize some of the signs employees manifest if stressed, anxious or depressed; and
  • Identify steps to cope with the new reality.

Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:

Work experience in a corporate staff environment, or an introductory course in management.

Speaker / Author:

Julie Kantor, Business Psychologist, Founder of JP Kantor Consulting.


Course Code : FMN1402-FM-NBA

Release Date : 06/08/2021
Expire Date : 01/14/2023
Credits :
CPE 2.00
QAS 2.00

Length : 1hr 40min
Course Level : Update
Course Type : QAS Self-Study
Passing Grade : 70%
Format Type : eLearning
Mobile Compatible
Field Of Study : Management Services

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